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Vasshin Composites is an environmental engineering company creating an emphasis on the reduction and displacement of plastic from everyday use products.
We manufacture a wide range of agro-composite (made of Pine needle) based as well as bio-degradable products that address the globe’s need for “greener” plastics.

Our Anti-microbial Tableware

Our tableware is an injection moulded product containing natural fillers designed to support structural stability of product as well as its anti-microbial properties.

The proprietary combination of natural occurring fibres and pathogen destroying minerals with ISO standards and is lab certified 99.3% bacterial reduction ensures safety & peace of mind for its users.

The anti-microbial nature of minerals, fibres being deployed in the material body substrate itself ensures that our material’s antimicrobial properties are renewed with each wash.

Our tableware is food contact safe and passes all food contact migration under a range of laboratory tests.

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