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About Us

We are Vasshin Composites, an environmental engineering company. We are manufacturers of wide range of bio-based as well as bio-degradable products that lead to reduction and displacement of plastic from everyday use products.

We aim to drive a widespread adoption of economically efficient practices for consumption of Earth’s resources. Keeping this purpose in mind, we have designed our one-of-a-kind range of Eco-Friendly, Anti-Microbial Tableware. The USP of our tableware is that they are made from Pine Needles sourced from Himalayas.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the company that enables ecologically conscious choices at economical prices so that our planet can be enjoyed by thousands more of our generations.

Our Values

Philosophy– We are mindful of the slow commerce involved in transforming pine needles in our products.
Industry– We work tirelessly to bring forth our products that have a meaningful impact.
Natural– We endeavor to include nature in our products to the maximum possible extent.
ExperimentWe encourage tinkering with materials to find newer avenues for sustainability.

The Genesis

The genesis of these Anti-microbial products comes from the craggy slopes of Himalayas where the robust tree species, Himalayan Pines are found. These trees shed their pine needles and cones which prevent any undergrowth thereby choking off flora prospects. We collect these pine needles via our tribal empowerment program and blend with resin to create sustainable product choices for everyday use.

Every 3-4 years, the dry accumulation of these pine needles burst’s into flames. Numerous ground dwelling rare and invaluable flora are lost as per first information reports lodged by the Forest Department. Not only that, countless baby animals that are unable to flee too perish. The aftermath is equally grave. Forest Fires heat soil at a 7-10 cm depth leading to loss of water holding capacity. The excess ammonia generated in ash leads to high emissions and nitrification of soil.

Our compositions thus bring about reduction in carbon footprint and keep everyone healthy including our tiny blue planet and also bring about vast carbon capture through preservation of forest carbon sinks.