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Wellness Bowls

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Ayurvedic texts recommend silver and bell metal tableware to prevent microbial growth in meals being served, also interpreted as Vayu Dosha. With technological upgrades, you can now have the same science protect your meals with these pinetastic wellness edition plates (ISO/JIS tested for 99.84% microbial reduction). Each nibbles wellness bowl has a fill size of 180ml and displaces up to 25 grams of virgin plastic from entering the landfill. This is a beautiful square shaped design with each pine needle grain visible. It can be used for wet meals and dry snacks as well.


These wellness plates are durable, non-toxic, re-usable, ultra-light, microwave safe for reheat & dishwasher safe as well. The material is BPA Free, Food Safe and tested to USFDA standards and European Union’s Das Lebensmittel – und Futtermittelgesetzbuch (LFGB) codes.


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1 review for Wellness Bowls

  1. Meena Berry

    This was a wow product for my guests when I told them its anti-viral. Is this lab tested ?

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