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Pinetastic Breakfast Plate

(2 customer reviews)

A beautiful 8.5 inch square design with side-lip for children to scoop out food. Excellent flatware for quick meals and can be used for serving dry snacks as well. Sustainable snacking is now possible. Durable and handy, these plates stack neatly in your kitchen and come with anti-skid buttons on the bottom for children to use. The product is durable and material is BPA Free, Food Safe, Tested to USFDA standards and European Union’s Das Lebensmittel- und Futtermittelgesetzbuch (LFGB) codes.


The product’s bio-base consists of Himalayan Pine Needles and with each purchase you stop up to 200 grams of plastic from entering your landfill as well as in stopping forest fire incidents; saving precious flora and fauna.


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2 reviews for Pinetastic Breakfast Plate

  1. Akanksha Jain

    this is an ideal plate for my toddler to eat in. easy lightweight and most importantly, it contributes to our environment.

  2. mohan thapa

    Dear Vasshin, I really loved your plates from your stall at your bangalore expo. I was travelling and only just opened your package. the packaging is gorgeous and the product is really nice. all the best to you guys.

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